We offer both temporary and permanent staffing solutions that afford both our clients and employees a very high level of service, professionalism, and respect that is second to none.

Current industries and areas of business we support are:


General Office Services;

Certified Equipment Operators;

General, Semi-Skilled and Skilled Labour;

Warehousing and Logistics;

Industrial and Assembly.

We are in the business of providing staffing solutions. Our primary focus is both you the client and our employee. There is no compromise.

We also believe that by customizing the service level to meet your expectations will sets us apart from all others as a leader within the field of recruitment and staffing.

Health & Safety Education

Workplace health and safety rules, along with a WHMIS introduction, are part of every orientation briefing for new KP Employment employees.

Periodic reviews confirm our employees are well aware of their rights and responsibilities. They know the importance of safe work habits wherever they are assigned.

Extra briefings are provided for special safety concerns, such as Dangerous Goods Handling. As well, our Welcome Package to employees contains health and safety rules, and our Resources Centre keeps and up-to-date library of health and safety materials.


Training & Development

In keeping with our quality promise, we make sure our employees can access additional training, and we encourage professional development.

Training Measures:

WHMIS Overview

Safety drills

Written procedures

Skilled development

Ongoing training

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